Aiden Bradley will leave you keen for more on his debut EP Boat Ramps

After a number of years in and out of Brisbane bands working up to his own musical career, Aiden Bradley has released his debut EP. It’s musically challenging, lyrically vulnerable and a strong first start for the new artist.

Titled Boat Ramps, the first two singles from the records have been well received. The first and the title track made its way to triple j Unearthed’s top 10, and second single Seige has made serious waves on radio and YouTube.

Aiden Bradley

With his first record, Aiden Bradley has proved he can walk the line between acoustic folk undertones and a rock edge.

With an emotional vulnerability and a daring attitude, this record sees Bradley diving head first into a sound built upon impressive musicality and passion.

While it’s clear that the record is his first, there is a determination and fierce excitement behind this release which speaks to its ability to push past his fresh faced beginnings. The result is truly exciting music.

A few tracks on the EP I had already come across, but it was refreshing and a treat to hear a couple of unheard tunes. I do feel like the record deserved a bit more attention to its production, but again for a first release it is a great effort and one with definite potential.

He’s played live across Brisbane at The Black Bear, The Milk Factory and the New Globe Theatre, a pretty solid foundation for an artist on the rise. We can only expect great things from this record and Aiden Bradley this coming year.

Overall Bradley’s debut effort is personal, engaging and musically exciting. Still in its early days, Boat Ramps has left me with a flutter of excitement for what is to come.