Interstellar OOZ: Watch King Krule beam a performance live from the moon

King Krule has just shared a recent live show on the moon. And while he didn’t quite go interstellar for the performance, Archy Marshall and his band got about as a close as you can get.

King Krule live on the moon

Watch King Krule and his band get interstellar and perform tracks from The OOZ  live from the moon.

Directed by Ja Humby from creative collective Molten Jets, the brilliant 30-minute film features King Krule and his band performing eight tracks from his latest album, The OOZ, decked out in spacesuits on the moon.

In conjunction with the film, King Krule has launched a new lunar-themed website which will be home to more videos and broadcasts as well as merchandise and records. See the tracklist from the performance and watch the whole thing below.

1. Dum Surfer
2. The Locomotive
3. Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)
4. Logos
5. Sublunary
6. Lonely Blue
7. A Slide In (New Drugs)
8. The Cadet Leaps