Architecture in Helsinki East Coast Tour

The 2005 indie yelp is an art form seemingly long lost. Yelp master Alex Turner bought a pair of Ray-Ban aviators and turned into a crooner in 2011, Canadian indie hero Luke LaLonde has gone down a similar path, and while bordering on a scream, The National’s frontman has turned his once disembodying bark into a mumbled growl.

Architecture in Helsinki are an indie band that were never going to go down the serious, straight and narrow like the aforementioned purveyors of quirky guitar pop – a fact that should have been obvious to anyone who loved those 2005 AIH tunes like It’s 5 and Neverevereverdid. Although they too have evolved from the classic yelp, the band have kept the fun factor that made us fall in love with them all those years ago.

architecture in helsinki tour 2014

What have your favourite quirky band been up to recently? Check up on Architecture in Helsinki on their east coast tour and find out!

This weekend is your chance to catch the now veteran family of quirky multi-instrumentalists tour their most recent work Now + 4Eva before heading off for the Groovin’ The Moo circuit. If, like me, this is the first time you’ve listened to the indie oddballs since In Case We Die, check out I Might Survive – a decidedly disco pop affair with some very familiar popping basslines and boy-girl harmonies. It’s different, but really quite similar. If, however, you’re a die hard AIH fan, then ignore my implied cynicism and continue to the bottom of the page where you can buy tix to their show.

The five piece are hitting up the Metro in Sydney tonight (11th April) the Hi-Fi in Brisbane tomorrow night (12th April) and will be down south at 170 Russel (formerly Billboard) next month (23 May). Grab tix for the brizzy show below.