Holy Lotus Cassette Launch

Four signs that a band are cooler than you are or will ever be:

  1. They have girls in the lineup that do things other than play bass.
  2. They are from Melbourne.
  3. They release things on cassettes.
  4. They play in warehouses.

 holy lotus

Why are Holy Lotus so cool? Find out at Irene’s Warehouse tomorrow night for an epic lineup of lo-fi and weird electronica.

Holy Lotus fulfill all three signs of being a band that are both cooler than I am or I will ever be. They are two ladies (drums and keys) and one dude (bass) who make prog-pop. Their tunes strike a chord, and they’re totally unafraid of striking that chord again, and again and again. Less experimental than most groups that release on tape and take influence from krautrock, Holy Lotus make cool, accessible lo-fi pop music.

Saturday the 12th of April will see the group launch a set of 50 pink cassettes with their brand new songs Olivia and Breakfast and Records at Irene’s Warehouse in Melbourne. Like, not launched into space or anything, just you know, theoretically launched. Alongside them will be creepy, haunting dreamwave band Bayou and bedroom producer Orlando Furious. The latter churns out dissociative, spur of the moment poetry, backed by lo-fi beats influenced by ambient, experimental and, from what I can guess, dialup modem sounds. Still, sounds pretty excellent if you ask me.

Also on the lineup are Sacred Flower Union from WA, Chief Richards, Shiney Joe Ryan and the Search For Flavour Country, Maddest Kings Alive, labelmates Leafy Suburbs, The Causist and Crotch. Oof, what a lineup.

Irene’s Warehouse, if you haven’t already heard is a community run arts initiative, that supports local talent without profit, in a green and sustainable way. During the week, it’s a den for the city’s most creative minds in the realms of painting, ceramics and 80’s dance troupes. Wait, did that say 80’s dance troupes? That’s it, I’m adding it to the “pros” column of my “should I move to Melbourne” list.



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