A book which deciphers the most important album art of the past 60 years? Yes please

A few months back we got a tip that there was a book being released which showcased the very best and wildest album art ever.

Titled Art Record Covers, the book was written by Francesco Spampinato, PhD student at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. His aim was to recognise the legitimacy of the artists behind the music industry.

Art Record Covers album covers

Francesco Spampinato has created an album art book which captures the excitement and cultural significance of music over time.

Art Record Covers is a book which pretty much encapsulates the visual side of music as we know it, telling the stories behind our favourite album covers and giving perspective as to why they are so significant.

Featuring over 500 album covers across 488 pages, Art Record Covers is, in the words of the author, written “from the perspective of both a contemporary art and visual culture historian, and as an enthusiast, listener and music collector.”

The book features information on the individual artists behind some of the best albums ever released, and the processes that went into formulating these iconic images.

You can pre order the book now via Taschen or head online and grab a copy come the 3rd of March.

Via Independent.