Sydney newcomer JZMN JYN has us floored with her latest single Going Under

Based in Sydney, newcomer JZMN JYN is bringing angsty grunge pop with a rockstar’s flair to the local music scene. She dropped new music at the end of last year, and since then we’ve been pining for more.

Her sound is youthful and filled with a clumsy passion you can’t help but fall in love with, with an eclectic mix up of influences straddling the narrative-based lyricism of Alanis Morrisette and the gritty rock power of Courtney Love or Joan Jett. She is accessible, poetic rock and ‘n’ roll and we can’t get enough.


JZMN JYN has burst onto the scene with a vulnerable rock ‘n’ roll attitude that you can’t ignore, can’t fault, and can’t stop coming back to.

Going Under was recorded A-Sharp Studios in Southern Sydney and produced by the venerable Nathan Sheehy (Dune Rats, Birds of Tokyo and Bluejuice), it’s a song of learning and experience and is the perfect introduction to the young artist’s sound.

“The song was just a chorus for almost a year,”  JZMN JYN says, “I wrote it whilst on a 24-hour boat ride in the middle of the Adriatic sea heading from Italy to Greece.”

“The view of an endless ocean was an exact metaphor of how I felt in my life and relationship at the time which inspired me to put pen to paper”

She launched the track at Brighton Up Bar in December last year to impressive audiences, and her sound is receiving traction all over. With new music in the works, this is surely not the last we have heard from JZMN JYN.

Her fresh approach to classic rock sounds and the passionate vulnerability in her songwriting continue to make her stand out from the crowd.