Alexis Naylor takes us through each track of her introspective debut album

Melbourne-based darling Alexis Naylor recently released her debut album, pages of a past life; a deeply moving and honest ode to heartbreak. Whilst the music speaks for itself, she gave us a glimpse into each of the thirteen love-letters, track by track.

Sweepingly romantic and explosively candid, Alexis Naylor details the story behind pages of a past life, an album dedicated to love.

get out of the rain

A rainy audio snippet to set the scene…

william st

“Setting the mood for the album: all the cheating and lies.”


“The story of the cheating and choices made.”


‘casualty’ stems from reflecting and questioning how one becomes a casualty of someone’s inability to love. Layers of hurt and broken trust, a tale of walking through heartbreak.

talk like a normal person

A cheeky audio snippet: “Just talk like a normal person”.


“The story of an engagement ring that was dismantled.” Check out the lyric video below:

stealing moments

“When someone chooses to opt-out of your life but still watches, likes, comments on your socials.”

left standing

“Fiancé walks out after 10.5 years, leaving you for the person he had an affair with.”


Audio snippet: “You love me, yes you do”.

charli’s song

“When a relationship breaks down, children are the casualty.”

you & her

“You & her shines a light on the self talk one has when faced with betrayal from someone you love.”

you happy to see me

Audio snippet: “Did you miss me?”

for you

“At the end of 10.5 years, deflated. What was the point of it all?”

A perfect end to the album, which you can check out on all streaming platforms.