Alien Weaponry get their fans stomping in their ‘Buried Underground’ music video

New Zealand metalheads Alien Weaponry team up with their fans to create a stomping, thrashing music video for single, Buried Underground.

Alien Weaponry is, as my editor puts it, “fucking awesome”. Based in Waipu, NZ, they’re likely the only band in the world to sing their native Māori in thrash metal style. They even led a 6,000-person Haka at Copenhagen’s COPENHELL festival.

Happy Mag spoke with the band back in 2018, discovering their emphasis on storytelling, cultural representation, and community spirit. It’s this community spirit that guided the music video for their latest offering, Buried Underground. Here’s a little about the track and how the explosive film clip came to be.

Alien Weaponry
Image: Piotr Kwasnik

The trio took to social media to ask their global fanbase to submit videos of themselves executing the ‘stomp’ move, a favourite of the bands. The ‘stomp’ in question requires hands on both sides and a huge step forward that thump the floor.

The band then compiled this footage, and spliced it into the Buried Underground video, timing the stomps with the tracks’ relentless riffage. The video also contains spirited live recordings of the band performing to fans, lit by piercing red and blue flashes.

Buried Underground is the first single off upcoming LP, Tangaroa, releasing 17th September on Napalm Records. Drummer Harry de Jong told Louder Sound that the album would contain songs about their first tūpuna (ancestors) in New Zealand, a keynote in Māori history.

Bassist Tūranga Morgan-Edmonds also expressed the record’s involvement with traditional Māori instrumentation, “a very exciting step forward for us”. Once more, Alien Weaponry are carving out metal tunes bursting with power and purpose.

Watch the music video for Buried Underground below: