Allison Crutchfield – Lean Into It

No but seriously, though. You may know this lady from her previous work with her sister Katie Crutchfield in a band called the Ackleys. They since split ways to work on solo stuff, Allison with the now pivotal alternative rock band Swearin and her sister with equally ground-breaking band Waxahatchee.

Allison Crutchfield

Swearin’ is trying something different with Allison Crutchfield’s solo project – a breath of fresh indie pop.

She’s just released an EP which was mostly made herself in her bedroom called Lean Into It. If you’re just coming to her music for the first time, though, do not be dispelled, her somewhat of a musical departure will fall well upon new and seasoned ears.

Every track on Lean Into It reeks of what Juno would use as a soundtrack if they ever did a sequel – in the best way possible. There are moments of PJ Harvey, moments of Alela Diane, and moments of Anna Calvi but, essentially, there is no one quite like Allison Crutchfield.

Allison collaborated on the album with Sam-Cook Parrot who co-wrote one song as well as providing the bass and vocals on a few of the tracks. The whole EP was recorded in her consecutive bedrooms across different parts of the world like a true slave to the indie world would and you can actually hear the raw authenticity of it on every track.

No one track on Lean Into It sounds quite the same from Supermoon, an harmonic, almost euphoric ballad to Berlin, a rockier track cemented by marching drums the whole way though. A stand out track on the EP is a cute Meg and Jack White (The White Stripes) like love song with intersecting male and female vocals called Rose Knows.

Lean Into It somehow manages to be both contemporary and time irrelevant at once. Crutchfield’s new work will definitely be a giant winner with the concerted indie pop lovers amongst you without alienating any of her previous fans.



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