Already Gone run us through each track of their debut EP

Already Gone run us through each track of their debut EP

Ever since they unveiled their debut EP Get Back Home last year, we’ve been hooked on the indie-rock sounds of Adelaide based four-piece Already Gone. The group belt out an endearing blend of sounds that we guarantee you’ll quickly get hooked on too.

So fresh off the release of their latest single Chain, we caught up with the band for a track-by-track run-down of their debut EP.

When Adelaide four-piece Already Gone released their debut EP last year, we were immediately hooked. So we caught up with the band for a track-by-track run-down of that very EP.

This release started out as a three-track demo, however, it evolved into a six-track EP pretty quickly once we caught the recording bug! The artwork symbolises our band in the world of music at the time. The skier representing us as a band (a small speck in the universe) and the UFO is the rock giants that we look up to (which for us seems like a completely different world – or galaxy) and of which we ride on the coattails.

There is also a bit of unknown whether or not that skier is going to take off with the UFO or stay in the familiar waters of that lake. Plus Stu is a closet sci-fi nerd! Jordan Chenoweth the graphic designer really ran with the idea that we presented to him and we were really stoked with how it turned out!

Fine Line

The opening track for the EP sets the tone lyrically for the whole album. Fine Line is a song about finding direction in life. It has a real indie rock and roots soundscape to it. It starts off with a catchy and mellow melody that draws you in close, before busting out with an up-tempo rhythm. The song finishes off with the intro melody to leave you feeling at ease once again. Hopefully, it resonates with those feeling lost in this world, as this is where my headspace was at the time of writing the song. There is also an Easter egg of sorts in this track, if you listen to the whole EP on repeat the last song (Get Back Home) has a little melody at the end that connects back into the start of Fine Line. And as so happens, the opening line of this song is “She finds her way back to the sea,” so the EP comes full circle, just like life does sometimes. This song got a great response from those that heard it and was smashed on local community radio and Triple J Unearthed when we uploaded it. It even made it to #2 on the roots charts and #4 on the rock charts. Which absolutely blew our minds!

Before You Cry

The song was inspired by a lot of late 50’s and early 60’s songs. The song sort of came about when I found a room in my house with a heap of reverb and echo. So I started jamming out some classic tunes on my acoustic guitar which eventually evolved into this song. It explores the journey of finding love and all of the contrasting feelings and raw emotion that go with that, such as child-like innocence, happiness, letting go and heartbreak. I love the bass line that Dom plays in this song as it tips its hat towards the era of influence.

Turn My Eyes

A real salute to the 90’s alternative rock era for us. I love delving into 90’s rock era, there is so much stuff I can connect with and really love. I would have loved to have seen a lot of the 90’s rock bands back in their heyday. Alas, I can only dream… however this song is right up there for me when we play it live, it has a great energy on stage. Especially when Alex really gets into the song and thumps those drums like an animal whilst Ricky really digs in on guitar. This is one that resonates with the true Already Gone fans, they tell us it gets better every time they hear it. Do try it!

Black Book

This song provides a bit of a mellow break halfway through the EP. Black Book is essentially about those that keep a tally of everything you do and say and then throw it back in your face for their own gain, hence the notion of a black book. I’ve had this song with me for a long time. It’s been around from the start of my solo musical career, and it always seemed to be a crowd favourite. The band really wanted me to bring this one into the set-list, as my solo acoustic version was having a lot of success on community radio here in Adelaide (it even made it to #1 on a weekly hotlist).


Just a flat-out rock song. I wrote this song towards the end of working with a previous band. At the time I had lost many close family and friends that I felt I had a real connection with. The notion of how an Elephant never forgets refers to that feeling of devastation when you hear of someone you know of that has died. That’s a sort of feeling that I personally don’t think I will ever forget. This song was my way of dealing with these low feelings at the time, so it’s really important and personal to me.

Get Back Home

This is one of my favourite songs on the EP. It was such a joy to work on all the production elements with Matt Hills on this one. My favourite memory was jamming on a harmonica whilst Matt was busting out a tune on a melodica. Needless to say, we had a tonne of fun on the production side of things, and hopefully, that translates into the up-tempo bounce of this song. I actually wrote this song whilst teaching myself slide guitar, however, I ditched the slide guitar lessons and really got into coming up with song ideas in the open tunings. It is a song written about my own personal journey in life at the time – finding myself and trying to find normality. So at this point, I will remind you not to forget to set repeat and allow the Easter egg to Get you Back Home to the beginning of the EP.

Listen to Get Back Home above.