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The DataLooper is a new midi looper pedal that controls Ableton Live

Now here’s something inventive. The DataLooper is a MIDI controller for Ableton Live that comes in the form of a foot pedal.

At the present moment, it exists as an IndieGoGo project run by Vince Crimo, however, the campaign has gained a lot of traction and it seems as though it will eclipse its end goal.DataLooper

The DataLooper is an all-new foot pedal operated looping system which uses the functionality of Ableton’s Session Mode.

The DataLooper offers hands-free control over three loopers which can auto-sync with backing tracks or prerecorded clips on Ableton’s Session Mode and connects via a Midi interface.

The unit has three rows of four switches and as standard, the first button activates ‘record’, ‘overdub ‘or ‘play’, the second ‘stop’, the third ‘undo’ and the final column stops all loops. If you don’t like the default you can edit the individual switches to create a custom setup.

So the controls are all relatively standard and the handmade aluminium housing looks the part, as does the bright LED’s which blink to the tempo of the project. So basically this unit takes the functionality of controllers like the Push and places it at your feet in a standard looper format, which is great if you need to operate other things with your hands, like electric cellos or even guitars.

“The DataLooper gives you a totally new set of workflows that allow you to ‘play’ Ableton with your feet. It can emulate a hardware looper using the Ableton Looper device (complete with tempo recalculation, non-quantized start and stop if you like), control session view (automatically detecting unused clip slots and mapping the controls) and launch scenes,” stated Crino in an interview with Synthtopia.

If this sounds like your kind of workflow check out the IndieGoGo page.