Alter Audio’s TimeTosser: the hardware for looping and DJing in real-time

Alter Audio has revealed their plans for an innovative DJing and live performance tool, the TimeTosser.

The equipment is a unique live performance tool that allows you to loop and rhythmically shuffle any musical input you like, essentially allowing you to DJ with any audio.TimeTosser

Alter Audio has designed an innovative tool that lets you loop and mess with audio in real-time. It could let you DJ with nothing but your smartphone.

One of the strengths of the equipment would be to allow you extra control over a live loop that you’re using while DJing. It requires no sampling ahead of time; simply tap in the tempo as the audio plays, and replay or skip back and forth between fragments of the audio that’s playing.

Essentially, you could have nothing but your iPhone and the TimeTosser, and be able to manipulate a track as it plays. Another option would be to run it alongside your own drum machines and synthesisers and break down the information you are sending from them into the TimeTosser.

The TimeTosser can also be used in a DAW, and will undoubtedly be a useful tool for those using Ableton‘s arrangement feature to record as they perform.

Alter Audio has already designed and prototyped the Timetosser, but they need your help to put it into production. If you are interested, you can back their project on Kickstarter.