This company has designed a COVID-19 suit for festivals and concerts

A Californian design firm has come up with what could be an answer to gigs in a post-coronavirus age: a COVID-19 suit.

Production Club, a creative studio that usually specialises in designing stages and experiences for clients in gaming, technology, and music, were inspired to design the suit as a way to help the industry.

covid-19 protective suit festivals

Could this be the future? Californian design firm Production Club have designed a COVID-19 suit for concerts featuring a filtration system and LED lights.

The suit, dubbed Micrashell, features a N95 filter, LED lights, as well as snap-in canisters for drinking and vaping.

Speaking with NBC Los Angeles, Miguel Risueno, head of inventions for Production Club described: “Micrashell is a solution for bringing people together safety.” 

“It’s a half suit that kind of takes your safety and your security — in terms of being close to airborne particles or viruses — to the next level,” he explained.

Whilst a few drive-in concerts and socially distanced gigs have resumed around the world, health experts believe that festivals wouldn’t be able to return until at least September 2021. The Micrashell would allow people to return to clubs, venues, and festivals in normal numbers. Risueno envisions that you could rent the suit from a venue, who would sanitise it after use.

“We said we still need to find a solution because people are still going out. People are still going to party and still skipping social distance measures,” Risueno continued. “With our solution, we are trying to make space available for everyone because our solution depends on your own footprint rather than distancing yourself.” 

Whilst to some this might signal an all-too-near dystopian future, to others, it might be an excuse for some unique retro-futuristic fashion.

“We need to make sure that people want to wear it and they feel good about wearing it,” Risueno described. “So it’s a little bit more of a fashion piece rather than something that looks like a medical device.” 

Dystopia or fashion? You decide.