Drive-in concert in Denmark sells 500 tickets in minutes

With coronavirus wreaking havoc on the music industry as a whole, the first thing to go were live music events with the introduction of social distancing regulations. In order to curb the spread, group gatherings at live gigs feel like a distant memory, with officials warning that larger live events probably won’t return until 2021.

Yet Denmark might have just found a clever loophole in the social distancing measures that still respects the health and safety of the public.


Will Australia follow suit and make drive-in live concerts the new way to enjoy a gig in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Announced just six days before the event went ahead, a Denmark singer-songwriter Mads Langer announced that he would be performing a live concert but with a twist – one that still manages to align with social distancing regulations. With police and health officials giving the concert a nod of approval, the event sold 500 tickets in just minutes – with the success of the concert, now six more events are set to go ahead.

Patrons drove into the arena and parked in marked spots before the singer’s performance was streamed to vehicles through FM Radio signals. The attendees also had the chance to get up close and personal with the singer through Zoom video conferencing. Langer remarking, “I’ve played many concerts in my life, but this is really a first.”

So could drive-in concerts become the new norm until the pandemic is controlled? Could this be a way to continue supporting the music industry whilst also respecting the health and safety of our entire community? We are looking forward to seeing what happens next.