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Learn how to DJ for free this month with Serato Play

Like us, you might have explored the extremes of tedium in lockdown, so we are happy to report that Serato is offering their DJ software Serato Play for free.

If you’re missing the parties, this software can help you bring the party to home, or prep you to DJ them when the lockdown is over.
Serato Play

Serato is releasing its software Serato Play for free for the month of May. It comes with all the essentials for you to start DJing in your own home.

Serato Play works by allowing you to mix your own tracks as well as any track you can find on Soundcloud or Tidal. The program doesn’t require any expensive DJing gear either – the whole thing can be controlled by your computer keyboard, and a simple headphone splitter will allow to cue tracks in your own headphones.

The software also comes with the essential range of effects for DJing and building smooth transitions between your tracks: EQ, Filters, Crossfading and pitch and gain controls.

In that spirit, the company has also launched a new website Keeping Busy, to provide you with “inspirational content, how-to guides, epic deals and giveaways”.

Serato Play will be available for free until the end of May, and the program can be downloaded on their website.