Amber Heard reportedly signed multi-million dollar deal for tell-all book

New reports show that Amber Heard may have inked a multi-million dollar deal to write a “tell-all revenge book”.

It’s only been a matter of weeks since the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial reached it’s final verdict.

Depp was awarded $10.4 million to be paid by Amber Heard who was awarded $2 million to be paid by Johnny Depp. Basically, the outcome showed that they both fucked up.

Unfortunately, the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard story is far from over. In fact, you may be able to get a hard copy soon!

A source close to Heard told OK Magazine: “Amber considers her career in Hollywood over. She’s already in talks and is excited about it. At this point, she has nothing to lose and wants to tell all,”

“To the extent that Heard wants to discuss this case and her relationship with Depp in a tell-all statement or book, she needs to be extremely careful as to what she says about him. Depp and his attorneys will be reading and listening to everything that Heard states. If she crosses the line, which is likely, there is no question that she will be hit with another defamation suit and end up right back in court.”

As much as the court of public opinion has demonised Heard, the actor hasn’t actually faced any loss of work just yet due to the defamation case.

On the other hand, Depp has been replaced by Madd Mikkelsen in the latest instalment of the Fantastic Beasts movies, a welcomed swap in my books. Depp was also replaced in his most iconic role for the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.