Wolf Alice tease potential Hayley Williams collaboration

Wolf Alice have hinted at the possibility of collaborating with Paramore’s Hayley Williams, and we’re pinching ourselves!

Last Friday, Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams had some very exciting things to say on her BBC Sounds podcast, Everything is Emo. During the hour-long episode, Williams gushed over the stunning vocals of Wolf Alice lead singer, Ellie Rowsell:

“I cannot imagine Ellie’s voice live. It is insane on the album. And you just can’t fake that.” She continued, “oh man, I love it. Ellie, I wanna sing with you, so bad.”

Hayley Williams
Credit: Douglas Mason / Getty Images

Of course, Hayley’s heartfelt confessional sparked delirium among Ellie Rowsell’s fans, who rushed to Twitter to alert the Wolf Alice of the news. Much to everyone’s delight, the beloved alt-rock foursome reciprocated Hayley’s sentiments with the following Tweet:

“I would sing with u any day queen.”

During the podcast, Hayley also played a song from Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend album titled, How Can I Make It Ok? and expressed her love for the track. Just last month, the band released a ‘Lullaby Version’ of another single from the 2021 album called The Last Man On Earth. 

“We’ve got a lot of versions of these songs that we’ve played in different sessions,” said Wolf Alice bassist, Theo Ellis. “When we were working through them, we realised that there was these alternatives that were really cool. We were so proud of them… we wanted to share them.”

wolf alice
Credit: covermesongs.com

In other news, Hayley Williams reportedly teased in November last year that Paramore might be making a comeback during 2022.

And while there’s no collab in the works between these two rock icons as of yet, we’re hoping their recent exchange following Hayley’s podcast is a sign of things to come!