Sydney alt-rock four-piece, RADICALS have unleashed their striking new single feel ahead of upcoming shows.

Sydney’s RADICALS are back with their second single of the year, feel. Laden with high-voltage guitars, booming drums and commanding vocals, this bold, energetic, grunge-infused tune carries the same feel-good, anthemic qualities of their former tracks, but also showcases their ever-enhancing craft.

Following their action-packed early 2022 single, falling faster slowly, this latest head-banging hit marks the seventh original release to be made by the rapidly-flourishing alt-rock group.

Credit: Backseat Mafia

Formed as a trio of old school friends back in 2019, RADICALS recently expanded into a four-piece, comprising frontman Brandon Wade, bassist Nick Karim, drummer Myles Harrison, and newest member, guitarist Lachie Heald.

“If you’ve ever seen this animal live, you’ll know why we had to get him on board,” wrote the band on social media while announcing Lachie’s arrival in November of 2021.

Captivating from the get-go, feel opens with an alluring and endlessly-playable riff that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Coupled with hard-hitting drums, they produce an undeniably-danceable rhythm and beat.

Throughout the track, a seamless dynamic progression is supported by skilled instrumentation, clever arrangement, and polished production. As we arrive at the first chorus, a powerful and catchy hook is supported by blistering guitar and bass, passionate vocals and striking drums.

Credit: RADICALS Facebook

Following the second chorus, we’re treated to a thunderous, six-bar crescendo of high-octane shreds that will have you flying. This pulse-quickening, brain-melting clash of brazen, grunge-soaked guitars is then suddenly halted by the tender vocal stylings of  Brandon. Accompanied by mellow guitar strums, he delivers a more stripped-back, emotive version of the formerly jam-packed hook.

After this sonically-soothing interlude, the boys up the ante once again, with drummer Myles Harrison skilfully building momentum as we approach the almighty final chorus. This is followed up by a brief, climactic guitar solo which leads us to the end of the track, concluded by Brandon’s dynamic vocals as he blares the final words of the hook, “just go and feel yourself.”

Shot and edited by Level 48 Visuals, the music video that accompanies feel is a mind-bending masterpiece. The vivid, playful and trip-inducing clip showcases a psychedelic plethora of colours, costumes and seamless shifts in animated scenery. All throughout, these elements seem to effortlessly melt into each other in a way that is, quite literally, out of this world.

The enigmatic quality of the video supports the track’s evocative lyrics, which express thoughts on authenticity, persistence, and truth versus deception. They’re deftly conveyed by frontman, Brandon Wade, whose strong and energetic vocals are the driving force behind the track’s anthemic chorus: “In your heart, you know you feel yourself / try so hard, but you don’t know much else / find a way, I won’t repeat myself / don’t give up, just go and feel yourself.”

Despite their relatively new presence in Sydney’s live music circuit, RADICALS have swiftly generated a devoted fanbase. Back in early 2021, their local stardom was set into motion with the release of their bold and highly-promising debut single, stay.

Since then, the group has continued to impress their growing fanbase with a string of successive releases that showcase a sonic revamping of 90s-influenced, grunge-infused alt-rock, reminiscent of acts like Nirvana.

Accompanying these hits have been a series of sold-out shows across Sydney venues like Frankie’s, The Duke of Enmore, Huxley’s, The Chippo and Oxford Art Factory. Performing alongside other Aussie icons including Ruby Fields, LOSER and The Dead Love, the boys have built a solid reputation for putting on high-energy, crowd-pumping shows.

If you’re yet to see one of their riveting performances yourself, now is your chance. In celebration of feel, RADICALS are headlining at Huxley’s on April 9, alongside support acts Southbound and Annoying Neighbours. Next, they’ll be at The Factory Theatre on April 23, taking the stage as the main support for pop-punk band, SoSo.

Stream feel here.

Show Dates

April 9 – Huxley’s, Sydney.
April 23 – The Factory Theatre, Sydney.