PREMIERE: TILD offer up the 90s grunge nostalgia we have been craving on ‘Make Up’

Sydney music veterans and DIY rockers TILD (since recently dropping their manager and the ‘e’ from TILDE) have released Make Up. This new track follows a string of singles they put out through 2019, dancing between the sub-genres of rock, from shoe-gaze through to stoner power.

What sets TILD apart, however, amidst the influx of bedroom-indie and modern psychedelia, is their commitment to stay heavy.

Sydney’s TILD have released a glory box of 90’s nostalgia with their latest track Make Up, a commentary on social masks and an ode to grungier times.

Having been around the block a few times with other projects, the boys of TILD bring a confidence that’s not necessary to a grunge recipe. Yet the once endearing parade of insecurities from bands such a Nirvana, are clearly dated. TILD offer a professionalism and the knowledgeability of what sounds good to the grittier table-top of what the 90s made famous.

Picture the opening scene of 10 Things I Hate About You, Heath Ledger’s smoking in class, hooked up to a disc-man. TILD let loose with some of the fluid propulsions that give you the velocity needed for the opening of any indie rom-com. Make Up opens with all the woozy, reverberating guitar of a modern classic. Cymbal forward drums are bright and set off the ‘crash-boom’ intervals that stop and start throughout the tracks four minutes.

Lead vocalist Jake Smithers knows when to add a tinge of whinge and when to simply sing. It’s the last thirty seconds that we get to hear him really send it. Steering away from the melody, and toward a hardcore Violent Soho-esque scream, Make Up ends on a huge high. Riff-driven and a mantra-like repetition hones in to the tracks message:

“Make Up speaks to the literal and figurative make up people wear to portray the person they want to be in a social setting.”

Made for the stage, TILD have already proven themselves worthy of huge gigs having supported British India and The Dead Love. If you’re a Sydney local, you’re in luck. TILD are supporting Timberwolf at the Vic tomorrow night. Catch them live now before you find yourself fighting scalpers for tickets to their sold out stadium tour… one of these days.

29th Feb – Vic on the Park, Marrickville
21st Mar – Botany View Hotel, Newtown