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Amplitube’s Orange Tiny Terror is available for free for a limited time

IK Multimedia has now made their Orange Tiny Terror amp simulation on Amplitube available for free until May 6.

The plug-in simulates the classic amp popular for its distorted tones, used by pop-punk, hardcore and metal groups alike. But the amp can also clean up well and provide American/Fender-style tones.Orange Amplitube Tiny Terror

IK Multimedia has just made a simulation of Orange’s famous Tiny Terror amp available for free on the Amplitube Custom Shop.

The amp simulation retails at about $50 Australian, but IK Multimedia is now releasing it for free if readers sign up for their newsletter here.

Those looking to use the amp simulation can download IK Multimedia’s Amplitube Custom Shop, which is free to download (with some free models and others available for purchase too). On top of the Tiny Terror, the Custom Shop also allows you to purchase other eight other Orange amp simulations like the Dual Terror, Thunderverb and Rockerverb and AD-200.

The Amplitube Custom Shop is available both as a standalone application and a plug-in for use on recordings or a quiet practice solution. IK Multimedia says that the Tiny Terror is capable of everything from “clean/bluesy crunch to Punk and Classic Rock“.

Check out the demo below:


More info about the special offer can be found on IK Multimedia’s website.