Amsterdam’s Mayor wants to ban weed for all tourists

Hurry up and get yourselves over to Amsterdam pronto, because the city’s Mayor is proposing a total weed ban for tourists visiting the popular hub.

Despite tourist’s love of getting high in a coffeeshop, Amsterdam itself has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It boasts incredible architecture and stunning canals, parks and nature, and is home to many holiday worthy non-drug related attractions.

The Mayor of Amsterdam wants to ban weed with the hopes of cleaning up the city’s image, but tourists are surely not happy about it.

I love museums and parks as much as the next person does, but that’s not what brings so many visitors to the city year after year; that would be the weed.

The city’s Mayor, Femke Halsema, wishes to address the issue of drug and sex culture that so many associate with Amsterdam. The conversation struck after results of a recent survey emerged, revealing that 30-50% of tourists would be less likely to visit if they couldn’t access weed.

Normally a decline in tourism is a bad thing, but Amsterdam sees many more tourists than they can handle. The city is only built to fit a million people, but with over 17 million foreigners flocking in to see the Red Light District and enjoy the relaxed laws of the city, Amsterdam is struggling to cope.

We don’t know when or if the banning of weed will happen, but you better book your flights ASAP if you haven’t had the chance to experience it yet. Or just enjoy weed quietly from your own backyard; we don’t mind.