Josephs Coat break the boundaries of genre on ‘Dangerous’

Josephs Coat are truly confounding. Their music seems to come at you from every direction at once, and I mean that as a huge compliment.

Their newest single, Dangerous, manages to groove, slow-jam, thrash, and soothe simultaneously.

With an eclectic mix of funk and grunge riffing, Josephs Coat’s new single Dangerous creates a space for all genres to breath.

From the opening chords that suggest a funked-up take on R&B, the song seemingly switches to a riff-heavy pummel that pushes the song forward with menacing panache. The over-layering of near-D’Angelo soulfulness from singer/bassist Ben glides over the top of the loose verses while retaining that aura of cool for the more spiked up choruses. This is all before his brother Abe unleashes a guitar solo over the bridge that turns the track into a technical showcase of vamped up guitar tones and precise pinpoint accuracy.

This track is puzzling in the most impressive way. It manages to layer such eclectic and discordant elements into an incredibly singular and cohesive blast. The band, that consists of two brothers Ben and Abe, originally hail from New South Wales’ Mid North Coast. They have shared billings alongside some major Aussie acts that include but aren’t limited to British India, Boo Seeka, Tired Lion, Parkway Drive, Grinspoon, COG, Sunk Loto, Getaway Plan, Katie Noonan, The Butterfly Effect, and Dead Letter Circus. Following the release of this new single, the group are planning to release their third EP this year. 

It’s going to be an exciting year for a group one of the more eclectic and original musical acts I have heard lately. Check out the track below.