Suneden ignite their inner ‘Fire’ with sunny funk single

Suneden have coasted onto the airwaves with infectious funk, delivering a soulful boogie in the form of new single ‘Fire’. 

A follow up to their impeccably blissful ditty ‘Mumma Told Me’, the new release sees the Melbourne/Naarm band refine their knack for sun-flecked grooves, with fuzzy guitar melodies, soulful vocals and a bassline destined for foot-tapping. 

‘Fire’ opens with 70s-inspired riffs and pulsating drum grooves, transporting listeners with nostalgic instrumentation.

Suneden 'Fire'

For all their clear funk stylings — which comes to include bellowing bass and shimmering cymbals  — Suneden are equally at home in more diverse rock sounds.

There’s a bluesy feel to ‘Fire’ helped along by drawly vocals, and at times it pulls from sunny indie rock with sing-along riffs and twinkling piano keys. 

This versatility makes for a consistently engaging listen, as the band switch up tempos and sounds with finesse.

There’s airy, gospel-like melodies and classic rock guitar solos, alongside instrumental dance breaks and an explosive final chorus that could easily fill out a heaving mosh pit.

What all of it amounts to is a pastiche that feels wholly original, showcasing Suneden as a band blazing their own trail. 

Matching the resplendent tune with equally uplifting lyrics, ‘Fire’ sees Suneden sing of an uncontrollable fire in their souls, and revel in the bliss that comes with setting it free. “Fire takes its toll,” they croon, “if you try to fight it, you might just lose control.”

On its surface, it’s a welcome reminder of the need for a hard-earned boogie, with Suneden providing the perfect soundtrack to unleash our collective fire. 

Dig a little deeper into the lyrics and you’ll find a message around the fierce passion and inner turmoil of love and loss, and the consequences of containing it.

‘Fire’ arrives over two years after ‘Smooth Groove’, Suneden’s debut 2022 album that established them as pioneers of frenetic funk. Elsewhere, the band have appeared on lineups alongside the likes of Gang of Youths and Methyl Ethel

Storming into 2024 with two stellar releases, ‘Fire’ kickstarts what’s sure to be a breakout moment for Suneden.

Get familiar with the band with their latest single below.