An Ode to COVID-19: Bad//Dreems respond to coronavirus

Frontman of Bad//Dreems, Ben Marwe, has shared a new coronavirus quarantined love song with witty advice on how to cope with government advice to uphold social distance.

The snappy tune shared on Facebook is aptly titled I Wanna Self-Isolate With You… and we’re loving it.

Bad//Dreems share new coronavirus inspired song, I wanna Self-Isolate With You, that is the perfect light-hearted content everyone needs to see.

With news of festivals and concerts postponing or cancelling globally, it’s a tough time for music-lovers and music-makers alike (check out how to keep supporting your favourite bands and artists here). The band from Adelaide, Bad//Dreems, are no exception. Following the recent release of their new album Doomsday Ballet last October, they have now announced that until “the current situation blows over” the upcoming UK and EU tour is on hold.

However, the quick creative response and wit from lead vocalist Marwe’s “ode to COVID-19” is the kind of light-hearted content that will keep the world’s indie-rock lovers afloat as we push on through a sea of uncertainty.

The socially relevant acoustic number features a list of ideas for isolation activities as national self-isolation plans become a more possible reality. These range from the mundane suggestion of doing “taxes” to the R-rated plans to “dust off the dildos,” whilst mocking the mass hysteria we have seen plastered all over our screens the last two weeks.

The band described the love song as “lyrically the best work we’ve done,” and we agree. The catchy song is musical and comedic genius rolled into one – mindful and sensitive to the severity of the pandemic (unlike some of the memes we’ve seen), whilst maintaining a cheery tone.

So, why not take some isolation inspiration from the band and pick a partner to self-isolate with. “Rewatch the office… wash your hands next to mind… and wake up in a corona free bed” – who knew coronavirus could be so romantic?