An official Robin Williams channel has launched featuring classic stand-up footage

Robin Williams’ estate has set up an official YouTube channel containing amazing footage from his stand-up comedy days. The channel is to “celebrate the life and comic genius” of the late singer, actor, and comedian.

With so many people around the world in isolation, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Many thanks to the Williams’ estate for providing us with some comic relief.

An official YouTube channel for Robin Williams has been created and it contains hilarious videos of the late star’s stand-up comedy routines.

“Be prepared to laugh and cry at these unforgettable and hilarious performances,” a description on the channel reads.

The channel currently offers 5 videos, including a short but hilarious introductory video which contains a montage of what’s to come. The latest video was released on March 31st and features Williams’ performance on Live on Broadway, an HBO special in 2002. The earliest video on the channel is from the Off The Wall show in 1978.

People can now access these priceless clips for free through the channel, with updates rolling in every week. Subscribers can also win a valuable 22-DVD box set of Robin Williams-Comic Genius. The box set contains a number of exclusive never-before-seen shows and footage along with a collection of Williams’ HBO stand-up specials.

The legendary actor and comedian sadly passed away in 2014, at the age of 63.

Subscribe to the channel here and watch some of the clips below.