Pauline Hanson is protesting social distancing laws by lying in a paddock

The infamous Pauline Hanson has once again made Australian headlines for her, once again, questionable choice of words and actions.

The One Nation leader has told Sky News that she will be protesting the new Victorian lockdown and social distancing laws by…lying in the middle of a paddock.

Speaking to Sky News, Pauline Hanson has said she will be making a stance against the new Victorian social distancing laws by lying down in her paddock.

Pauline Hanson’s response came after Victorian premier Daniel Andrew’s new quarantine laws came into place. In an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19, Andrews firstly stated that partners could not visit each other if they are currently residing in different houses. This rule has since been changed.

Hanson responded: “No premier of any state is going to tell me whether I can go and see someone or not.”

“Well look I’ll tell everyone,” she described. “I’m going to go and lie down in my paddock tomorrow, let’s see if they will turn up and fine me because I’m out there in my paddock laying on the ground”.

Let me just add, Pauline Hanson doesn’t even live in Victoria.

People are obviously a little confused over her comments and have taken to social media to express it. The results are hilarious.