Best announce ever? Aussie festival drop their dates in front of Pauline Hanson’s office, invite her to the party

Mona Foma, better known by many as MOFO, have announced their summer festival dates in the best possible way. Parking a fat truck outside One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson’s hole in the wall, MOFO personally invited the politician, stressing the fact that their lineup will be… diverse.

Check out the stunt below. It’s mint.

mona foma festival mofo 2018 one nation pauline hanson

Now this is how you launch a festival. MOFO 2018 have announced their dates to none other than One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson.

“We parked a billboard out the front of her headquarters this morning and suggested she buy a ticket,” said festival curator Brian Ritchie.

“We hinted there could be a burqa wearing heavy metal band on the bill. So we’re pretty sure she’ll come.”

Top job. Have to say we’re looking forward to lineup – look out for the full ticket on Friday October 13th.

Mona Foma takes place in Hobart and Launceston from 12-22 January 2018. Jump over to their website for any extra details.