An 'Untitled Goose Game' physical release is coming, and we're living for it - Clocked

An ‘Untitled Goose Game’ physical release is coming, and we’re living for it

It’s a lovely morning in the village and our favourite horrible goose is back, this time in a physical edition.

House House’s 2019 smash hit psychics-based puzzle gameUntitled Goose Game, has returned in physical form, available for pre-order exclusively on iam8bit for Nintendo Switch and PS4 players. The ‘Lovely Edition’ is the first time Untitled Goose Game has been available in a physical boxed set, and it looks amazing.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is available for pre-order in its first-ever physical box release. Better yet, the original soundtrack is coming to vinyl.

Alongside the physical game copies for PS4 and Switch, the Lovely Edition includes a 24-page mail-order style plaza catalogue, a 11×17″ (28x43cm) foldout town map hand-drawn by Marigold Bartlett, and the extremely coveted ‘No Goose’ sticker. The Switch box release also includes an exclusive reversible coversheet.

Both versions are packaged in an eco-friendly manner, with the PS4 boasting to have 100% post-consumer material, 100% recyclable, non-toxic inks, and Biolefin shrink-wrap. The Switch’s eco-friendly elements include 100% recyclable pack-ins and Biolefin shrink-wrap.

For even more excitement, Dan Golding’s original soundtrack will be made available in a physical format – a special Double Groove edition. This means that there are two soundtracks for this chaotic little avian on the same side of the record, and you won’t know which one will play until it does.

The records also come in random colours as they’re all recyclable and made from reclaimed vinyl “grind”. They’re are also packaged in a 100% recycled jacket, and with each production of the vinyl, the Carbon Fund will receive a donation.

The Switch Untitled Goose Game “Lovely Edition” is priced at USD $39.99, while the PS4 Untitled Goose Game “Lovely Edition” costs USD $34.99, and the vinyl soundtrack is available for pre-order at USD $29.99.

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