Ali Adriano slows time with her spellbinding debut ‘My Hand’

On her debut single, Ali Adriano commands your attention. Proving herself as a master of sonic imagery, it only takes a second of listening to My Hand to realise that the Melbourne-based producer is a force to be reckoned with.

The track immediately fills whichever space it is played in, paints every corner with its likeness, and then gracefully departs, leaving that area dyed by the nocturnal shades Adriano spends three-minutes crafting. She has defined music as a liquid artform, one that will sweep in and out of our worlds, dragging memory and experience along with it. While life will always be a little rough around the edges, My Hand is a song to soothe all bruises and romanticise any setting. It’s a truly formidable release.

soundscape, new music, isolation, my hand, Melbourne, Australian musicMelbourne’s Ali Adriano has woven a universe amongst melody on her debut single. My Hand is a triumph of production that harnesses the full potential of melody and soundscape.

Written, recorded, and produced all during lockdown, the release of Adriano’s first single came as a shock to both audiences and herself. A track that was never intended to see the light of day has since been self-released by the artist and has gained understandable attention from the industry. With airplay from both Triple J and Triple R already under her belt, the single is an ode to what can be achieved within the four walls of a bedroom and with the right software.

As a trained filmmaker, Adriano’s entire track has an undeniable cinematic quality to it. Her music casts images, rather than stories, in the most captivating way. The artist makes melody drift like the tides, slowly flooding and receding with every note. As a listener, ambience will consume your entire being, leading you through a journey where you arrive nourished yet isolated. Before you know it, you’ve had the song on repeat for 20-minutes.


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Hi friends, thank u to everyone for being so sweet and kind with “My hand”, I am so bloody grateful to be surrounded by the best and most supportive people like wow. If you missed it , the Spotify song link and music vid is in my bio 💌

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My Hand is spacial, seemingly vacant in areas, but also incredibly rich and buttery. The feeling of vacancy is incredibly deceiving and the key to knowing that you are completely immersed in Adriano’s sonic universe: the music feels comforting, so entrancing that you don’t even register the intricacies.

Within the walls of a three-minute track, Adriano transforms sound into a landscape. Her silky melodies capture listeners, her echoing vocals ground us among her sonic imagery, audiences are gently guided from their surroundings into a sphere of celestial electronics. 

My Hand is as haunting as it is refreshing. Just when you think that you will slowly float away with every reverb-heavy note, we are once again brought back to earth by sharp distortions. It is clarity, a cooling breeze, and a bittersweet nostalgia all melted into one single. Welcome to the music of Ali Adriano.

Check out My Hand below: