Andrea Locci’s illustrations fuse your two most seductive vices: shoes and sex

London-based illustrator Andrea Locci has just revealed his latest series, SneakerSutra, a cheeky collection of drawings featuring two of your most seductive vices: shoes and sex.


Check out Andrea Locci’s latest series, SneakerSutra – a collection of illustrations with bringing together our two most seductive vices: sex and shoes.

Chatting with It’s Nice That, Locci revels that the idea for the series came after the realisation that, more and more, sneakers are becoming a form of “peacocking” – where people use over-the-top clothes to attract others.

As peacocks use their feathers to get a mate, so do humans with sneakers,” he says. “As with the peacock’s feathers, sneakers can be very colourful and spectacular. If we then consider the fact they are always on display, they easily become the most perfect outfit opportunity we have to attract attention!”

“For some reason,” he says, “people feel more comfortable and free to express themselves with shoes that with other parts of their outfit. Also, unlike other pieces of clothing that get covered by coats, jackets and other layers according to the season, shoes are always visible. It seems to me they are the best means of advertising our personality.”

The series started with Locci simply drawing people wearing sneakers, but soon enough this evolved into drawing people having sex wearing sneakers.

He began exploring couples in different positions, different locations, wearing different shoes. “We are surrounded by sex scenarios: tv shows, fashion ads, Instagram posts and last but not least our personal lives,” he says. “Also, asking friends for more inspiration never hurts!” 

Locci says he’s planning on doing 69 illustrations in total (naturally). And while he’s not there yet, you can check out a bunch of them below.



[via It’s Nice That].