PREMIERE: Take a trip into tender lo-fi brilliance with Blackout, the new single from Eluera

The electronic indie scene is pretty saturated these days; adding to an artist’s challenging task of making their mark. However, one songstress who will surely be at the top of your new favourites playlist is Eluera.

The Central Coast vocalist and songwriter has dropped an absolute standout with her new single Blackout, striking a delicate balance between indie vibes and lo-fi electronics.


Blackout by Eluera features angelic harmonies that progress with a fierce and structured energy. Her second single is a tapestry of emotion, a rich example of what this rising star has to offer.

In only a short space of time, Eluera has been moving from strength to strength. Following on from an impressive 2017, Eluera (real name Ebony de Luca) quickly scaled the pop charts of triple j Unearthed with last year’s single HIM and even played at Mountain Sounds Festival.

The new track is breathtaking in its brilliance, with a clean and conceptually layered production style. If you’re a fan of Billie Eilish, Wafia or Vera Blue, you will gravitate towards Blackout.

Written by Eluera and Dylan Nash (Jarryd James, Dean Lewis), the song blends tender electric guitar against a post-dubstep beat. Overlaying the beats are her vocals, adding an ethereal touch to the effortlessly cool mix.

“Blackout is about the time in between breaking up with someone and getting over them,” says Eluera of the song.

“I usually just go out and mess myself up trying to be happy and have fun, but just end up a crying mess. It is almost a process.”

Honestly punctures the track, with plenty of lyrics that hit way close to home:

“And I see your hands on her waist and my friends try to take me away. I don’t want to hear it. No, I just want space. Then I see you leaning. She’s taking my place. The rest of the night slips away.”

Eluera is out to cement her status, capturing the attention and affection of the Australian music scene. Be sure to keep tabs on this artist here.