Sugary sweet pop with a dark twist: we are officially in love with Cassie Marin

Tracking her experiences as a young woman learning and growing in the digital age, Cassie Marin will be the first to admit that her indie pop record S.O.S (Spoonful of Sugar) is far from conventional.

The Florida-based artist is breaking away from the expected notions of pop music and into territory which is truly original. A bit FKA Twigs, a bit Dua Lipa and with a hint of that Mallrat drawl, Cassie Marin is seriously cool and her music just gets better and better.

Cassie Marin

Cassie Marin is a dope find for anyone who’s after that sticky, late night beat. Her latest record S.O.S. is a stellar release, one which will be on high rotation for us in the coming weeks.

My favourite track off the record would have to be Compare. Sassy but simultaneously vulnerable, this is a track for womanhood, independence and furious empowerment. Slowing down the pace and energy, the glitch-soaked sound of Remember You brings us back to earth; there’s an ethereal quality to this track, a sweet and innocent femininity that will have you melting.

Candy is step in a similar direction to the track before. Soft and light handed, it’s less groove worthy and one for ending the night on a mellow high. Find A Way To Love on the other hand is a verified banger with enough bouncy swag to rejuvenate the record completely.

A common theme throughout the record is an injection of sugary sweetness, and after listening to the EP in full the title S.O.S (Spoonful of Sugar) makes a whole lot more sense. In speaking of the stories behind the record Cassie has shared:

“Each track was inspired by obstacles I was overcoming in my life, whether they were relationship troubles, financial stress or issues with my health. Being able to put my feelings and passionate perspectives into my music saves me every day.”

The EP continues much like this, with little sugar highs of energy and hype throughout. Far from sickly sweet, Cassie Marin presents her music in a sophisticated and calculated way; it’s pop but with a wry smile behind it, making an audience falter when they assume her music is just girly, pink-hued pop.

S.O.S. is a record which will send Cassie Marin to new heights. We are instant fans.