NOW Australia, a new campaign looking to end workplace harassment, is calling on you to help

The Preatures’ Isabella Manfredi, Missy Higgins, Sarah Blasko, and many others have officially become ambassadors for NOW Australia; a new campaign aiming to end harassment in Australian workplaces.

The campaign has started an online crowd-funder, with all proceeds going toward the development of strategies to eliminate workplace harassment, as well as counselling and legal support for sufferers of harassment.

Isabella Manfredi, Sarah Blasko and more have signed on as ambassadors for a new campaign looking to eradicate workplace sexual harassment once and for all.

Now Australia is part of a national movement that began last year when journalist Tracey Spicer called on Australian’s working in the entertainment industry to share their #metoo stories.

Spicer received more than 1600 responses from people representing different industries and backgrounds. Among those to share was frontwoman extraordinaire Isabella Manfredi.

What we assumed would be a short-lived outrage thundered on into a full-blown storm, and with each month gathered momentum, as new stories cracked down like fresh rain on a leathered old landscape,” Manfredi shared in an Instagram post. 

I’ve pictured this storm being a bit like a cyclone that ripped the roof off my own house. Exposed my own prejudices. My own sexism. The many ways I made myself small and tolerated trespasses against my own boundary lines – my own sovereignty. I was luckier than most. I didn’t lose much. Only a crumbling old ceiling that kept me from seeing the sky.

Manfredi stressed that NOW Australia is not about “WOMEN V MEN“.

Not about Call-Out Culture. Or Fashionable Vilification. Please get informed – read the website – before you wield your stubby clubs at me, trolls.

Make a donation and read more about the campaign here. 

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