Hailing from New Zealand, HIGH HØØPS will make your heart race with new single Body

We’ve been having a pretty continuous obsession with New Zealand music these past few months, and once again our neighbours across the Tasman have come through with HIGH HØØPS and his epic new single Body.

Previously he’s worked alongside Roland Tings on their hit One Hundred, as well as landing support slots for Lorde KaytranadaMNDSGN and Harvey Sutherland. This guy’s just getting started.


HIGH HØØPS is a representative for the suave and sensual, his music heaving with glamour and allure. If you were a fan of ZHU‘s Faded back in the day, then Body is a single you won’t be able to ignore.

HIGH HØØPS’ smooth and sex-soaked electro pop is dripping with an R&B beat that takes you to hazy nights, sweaty bodies and that sway after one too many champagnes. His sound is sophisticated, complex and expertly produced.

But the story doesn’t stop here. HIGH HØØPS is nearing completion for his debut album and if this single is anything to go off, it’s sure to be a banger. With a tour in the works, taking on his home nation and Australia for the very first time, 2018 has never been a better time to be alive.

While so many artists strive for success and recognition, HIGH HØØPS however is onto something different. It’s pretty clear that while the artist is passionate about his work, this project was one of personal escapism and reflection.

In speaking of his output thus far, the artist admits “This project only ever existed as a personal escape from the real world and if I can’t set a mood to it or dance to it myself at max volume then it’ll never see the light of day.” 

His music is heavily influenced by Japanese electronic music pioneers Yukihiro Takahashi and Haruomi Hosono and this glitchy, late night romance is evident throughout this latest release.

HIGH HØØPS has a distinct aesthetic, conjuring up an image akin to Mark Ronson; that smooth, charming romantic, a juxtaposition of good and bad with just the right amount of mystery. There is nothing cheap about his music and this latest music video reflects it. With big shiny cars, scorching wild deserts and luxurious poolside romantic dalliances, this is glamour in every sense of the word.

Making awesome music is only one part of HIGH HØØPS’ act, and we’re hoping sure there’s a lot more where Body has come from.