‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Blue Velvet’ composer Angelo Badalamenti has passed away aged 85

Badalamenti was best known for his scores for numerous David Lynch productions, including Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks.

Revered composer and Grammy winner Angelo Badalamenti has passed away at the age of 85, according to a statement from his niece to The Hollywood Reporter

Badalamenti’s Niece also shared that the composer died of natural causes, surrounded by family at his New Jersey home.

Angelo Badalamenti David Lynch
Angelo Badalamenti with David Lynch (Photo: Sacred Bones Records)

The celebrated composer’s career notably included writing songs for the likes of Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson, and Shirley Bassey, as well as the scores to David Lynch productions Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, The Straight Story, and Mullholland Drive.

Badalamenti received numerous prestigious awards for his contributions to film and television soundtrack, including a Grammy in 1990, a World Soundtrack Awards lifetime achievement award in 2008, and a Henry Mancini award in 2011, the lattermost of which was presented to him by Lynch.

Speaking to The New York Times about Badalamenti in 2005, Lynch stated “When we started working together, we had an instant kind of a rapport — me not knowing anything about music but real interested in mood and sound effects. I realized a lot of things about sound effects and music working with Angelo, how close they are to one another.”

Badalamenti is survived by his wife Lonny and daughter Danielle.