Angie has dropped her brand new video for Down For The Count

Angela Garrick, aka Angie, has just premiered her brand new, self-produced video for her new single Down For The Count. The awesome clip is comprised of drawings and ink painting, all done by Angie herself.

Angie video

Besides being a blaring garage rock and roller, Angie also spends her time painting, drawing and writing; skills she has used to great effect in her visually stunning new clip. Down For The Count was written by Angie herself, and produced and mixed Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows). It’s the second single to be taken from her forthcoming debut record Free Agent. 

Speaking about the track, Angie has said “[the] melody just came to me on a bus, I got off and sang it into my phone – the lyrics, everything! My grandfather recently passed away, but he always used to use ‘Down for the Count’ as reference towards going to sleep. There is something unconscious about it. Its about being asleep, but being so wide awake, and really living. The solo at the end has some amazing glam effects courtesy of Mr P.”

Free Agent is due out September 4, courtesy of Angie and the good folk at Rice Is Nice.