Angry Beige

Angry Beige offer a collection of tunes that ooze meaty, dirty rock n roll. The perfect combination of melody, noise and technique encapsulates the essence of this four piece that have crawled out of the dark dregs of Sydney’s Inner Suburbs.

angry beige

Angry Beige are fronted by female vocalist and all round funky badass babe Elfi. Her vocals radiate an intense, effortless power that will leave the hairs on your neck raised – this shit is the good kind. Lulamay’s blood pumping guitar solos  are captivating, and the pulsating, thick beats are felt deep in the thud of your veins. Christian, perched behind the kit, maintains a solid play, favoring tension-building snare-rim rolls, and cymbal taps with echoplexed accents.

Their explosive approach to unapologetic lyrics is equally matched by the incredible backing harmony and salutary blues tones. Angry Beige truly master the domination of blistering techniques drenched in guitar fuzz, with infectious drones of heavy set bass to create an absolute power house punch of musical elation.

After sharing a stage with fellow sweat rock outfit Red Engine Caves, these guys are letting rip. They’ll make you want to rock yourself silly.



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