James Teague

James Teague is soft honey drizzled onto toast, and I mean that as the highest of compliments.

James Teague

If you’ve never heard his stuff before, think of a slightly more adorable Devendra Barnhart (yes I said more adorable) and you’re sort of there. Teague hails from Melbourne and, like many from Melbourne, calls the musical branch of indie-folk his home. He released his EP Lavender Prayers in 2012 and it plays beautifully from one track to the next.

Lavender Prayers draws heavily on banjo and it really makes the overarching sound of the EP pop. The banjo work is offset nicely against his wonderfully crowing vocals and transports you to a field somewhere in the deep South of the USA. There are many ways that it’s possible to fuck up when it comes to indie-folk like this – too cheesy, too predictable, too samey – and Teague manages to avoid all of them.

Teague has been taking his EP on the road and I for one can’t wait to catch it.



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