Anirban Jee’s ‘How To Be You’ a sweet RnB jam for World Teachers Day

Anirban Jee inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves via a sweet RnB jam

Anirban Jee‘s latest release, ‘How To Be You,’ is more than just an RnB jam—it’s a musical embrace, a warm tribute to the guiding lights in our lives  – our teachers, mentors, and coaches.

Crafted with care by Sydney’s own Steve Peach, known for his work with musical greats like Icehouse and Marcia Hines, this track is set to grace our ears today on October 5th, a sweet nod to World Teacher’s Day.

anirban jee

Anirban Jee, a true devotee of classic R&B, skillfully incorporates soulful vocals and melodies into his latest single. This artful blend pays tribute to the genre’s foundational elements while infusing a contemporary touch. In ‘How To Be You,’ Jee masterfully marries these classic R&B elements, paying a heartfelt homage to the genre’s timeless appeal.

The song offers more than just music; it extends a warm embrace to those facing adversity. It’s an instantly uplifting track that captivates and leaves a smile on your face.

Delving into the essence of self-discovery, ‘How To Be You’ highlights the unique journey each of us undertakes to find our true selves. It conveys a simple yet profound truth: happiness is the compass that leads us to our passions, and alongside this, he wants you to know that you are not alone.

With its soulful 80s-inspired tune, the track strikes a chord between nostalgia and contemporary sound. Its melodies and lyrics resonate, making it an anthem for those seeking resilience and personal growth.

anirban jee

Anirban Jee’s contribution adds depth and meaning, reminding us of the crucial role our community plays in our journeys. ‘How To Be You’ serves as a reminder that our pursuit of excellence is, in many ways, a collective effort. It celebrates those who inspire and guide us, urging us to embrace our true selves and follow our individual lights.

It’s a song that is above all else a heartfelt thanks to those who inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves.

The album art, a mesmerising WPAP creation by the talented Utsav Bagchi, adds a visual touch of tenderness to the song’s heartfelt message. It’s a vibrant expression of the love and unity that birthed this project.

anirban jee

Anirban Jee, a decorated songwriter, clinched Songwriter of the Year titles in the 2017 SongsAlive Competition and the 2018 Australian Songwriting Contest.

His evocative compositions span genres from pop to R&B, infused with soulful depth. Working alongside producer Matt O’Connor, he honed his craft, delivering hits like “AEIOU” and “Undecided,” which earned critical acclaim and chart positions.

Recent works, including “Mayday” and “Move Out,” garnered rave reviews and chart success. Collaborations with top-tier producers have garnered widespread radio play, showcasing Anirban’s enduring talent and dedication to his craft in the dynamic realm of songwriting.