Fender Takes the Stage as Prize Partner for Needle in the Hay 2023!

Get ready to elevate your music journey with Fender, our Needle in the Hay partner!

We’re cranking up the volume for the 2023 Needle in the Hay competition, where your sound could find a forever home on vinyl in Australia and New Zealand’s most epic indie music showdown.

But hold onto your good selves, because this year, the rewards go much further than the grand prize.


Enter the scene with Fender, an icon etched in the annals of musical history. Introducing the Player Telecaster 2 Colour Sunburst – a trailblazing companion for your musical adventures.

It oozes the very essence of Fender – style, feel, and, of course, that unmistakable sound. Whether you’re coaxing a soulful whisper or setting the stage ablaze with a fierce wail, the Player Telecaster is your partner-in-crime. It thrives on your every creative whim and stands unyielding through every gig, ready to transform your music into magic.

Since its debut in 1951, the Fender Telecaster has been the backbone of musical revolutions. From the twangy landscapes of country to the electrifying realms of rock, and even the sultry melodies of jazz and blues, the Telecaster has sung them all.

So, dust off your strings, fine-tune your chords, and prepare to unleash your inner virtuoso. With Fender by your side, the stage is set, and the spotlight awaits. This year’s Needle in the Hay promises to be a journey like no other, with Fender as your trusted companion.

Don’t miss your chance to make history – submit your entry today!

Cheers to making music that resonates for generations to come!

Learn more about Fender here.