Another Sky embrace the chaos on new single ‘Uh Oh!’

“Uh Oh! soundtracks a literal fall into the Thames,” Another Sky said of their freewheeling new single. 

Another Sky have released Uh Oh!, a revelrous freewheel that serves as the London band’s fourth single of the year. Anchored by thunderous guitars and punchy bass, the song embraces the chaos of Another Sky’s newfound creative zest, as punctuated by the carefree scream effects that mimic an adrenaline-filled freefall. 

Drawing on an array of influences from Jimmy Eat World to Wet Leg and Vampire Weekend, Uh Oh! might be Another Sky’s most free-spirited track yet, with euphoric instrumentation and an earworm vocal performance courtesy of Catrin Vincent.

another sky Catrin Vincent interview perri thomas

While Uh Oh! details the pitfalls that come with a reckless and cataclysmic pursuit of one’s dreams — with lyrics warning of “fall[ing] in the Thames” and “look[ing] where you go” — the tune is ultimately one of riotous fun.

With the frenetic energy of a kamikaze, Another Sky pull from all life’s chaos an insatiable energy of pandemonious joy. 

Delivering the sonic equivalent of a cliff jump, Uh Oh! Is dotted by ear-catching flairs from theremin asides to whirring synth sections.

another sky Catrin Vincent interview perri thomas
Photo: Perri Thomas

The result sees Another Sky reflect on the heights of their recent successes, which might be considered too dizzying were it not for all the fun they’ve had along the way. “I was inspired to let go and have some fun,” Vincent said of the single in a press statement.

The vocalist — who forms part of Another Sky alongside Jack Gilbert, Naomi Le Dune and Max Doohan — described the single as the “flip side” to Fell In Love With The City, a naive early track that featured on their debut album I Slept On The Floor. 

“Now, we’re a bit chewed up and not so excited,” Vincent explained. Uh Oh! marks Another Sky’s fourth single of 2023, and following on from Burn The Way and A Feeling.

Prior to that, the band released Psychopath in April, bookending a three-year hiatus since their 2020 debut. The collection of singles heralds an exciting new chapter for Another Sky, who are set to perform at Lafayette in London early next month.  

Listen to Another Sky’s new single Uh Oh! below.