Ant Utama serves sweet RnB for long term lovers on ‘Any Other Way’

Ant Utama’s summery cut Any Other Way delivers an unconventional but wonderful message for long-term lovers.

Pop/RnB hybrid Ant Utama was working the corporate 9-5 grind in Howich when one day, enough was enough. He headed to Germany to follow his dreams, but man did it pay off.

Millions of streams later, Utama has returned with his third single of 2021, Any Other Way. Its playful nature and memorable storytelling make it an absolute must-add for your summer playlist.

Ant Utama

Beginning with palm-muted electrics, synths, atmospheric backing vocals, and slick drum machines, we’re entering the sonic land of contemporary RnB. However, Utama’s lyrics are anything but conventional. Instead of singing about heartbreak, partying, or a passionate love affair, the artist celebrates “couples in long term relationships”. 

“Once that honeymoon period is over, we get comfortable, and some don’t like that, but I love it!” the artist admits. This perspective allows for witty observations throughout the lyrics, such as rhyming sweatpants” with “slow dance”. What follows is a hook-fueled chorus of pure sonic bliss, synths circling above the smooth vocal performance.

And then, there’s the music video, which was hilariously engaging the whole way through. That is, until the devastating twist ending hits, which I won’t spoil. The video showcases Utama and his long-term relationship in all its lazy glory, from fruit loop breakfasts to mini-golf and picnics. The catch? His girlfriend is a show-room dummie.

If you’re a fan of easy-listening RnB with substance, look no further than the growing discography of Ant Utama. Like the artist says, “take a leap, and have fun along the way”.

Listen to Any Other Way below: