Anthonie Tonnon – Up Here For Dancing

Residing in Auckland, New Zealand, Anthonie Tonnon gives us a cycle of indie rock with smooth jazz and folk undertones. Tonnon is making his way from Middle Earth to the top, having recently spent five weeks touring in the US, introducing material from his album Up Here For Dancing to American audiences in over 30 shows.

Anthonie Tonnon

Anthonie Tonnon has the moves and wants you to dance to something chilled and laid back.

Anthonie Tonnon’s sound is addictive and laid back, featuring seductive, languid vocals which remind me a little of the genius that is Lou Reed. Showcasing high quality production, Tonnon crafts layered soupy synths over chilled percussion beats, creating tunes that make you feel like a goldfish on LSD, the world warping at will.

The track Multiple Lives features placid vocals nestled in spacey metallic bass. A jumpy, rhythmic back section lays a solid foundation and moves the song along. The production really kicks in towards the second half, as synth harmonies swoop in with incessant clarity. The sounds call to mind chip-tune effects, sourced from old computer games of the 1980s, giving the track a robotic arc. Multiple Lives  fills you with a liquid, spacey energy.

The third track Skinny Jeans is one sexy-ass track. Incredibly smooth, it starts out as a tentative, romantic little melody. This is quickly joined by a smooth, clicking back beat, which welcomes the mesmerising vocals, “you’re staring at my eyes and trying to pull off my skinny jeans”. With its drippy synth and quick, agile beats, Skinny Jeans calls to mind the finely tuned compositions of Children Collide, especially in Jelly Legs.

With layer upon layer of synth and back beats, this album has a depth about it that reveals more with every listen. The vocals are sincere without tipping into sentimentality, just tender enough, like The Rubens. Incredibly rich, it’s the perfect tune for nocturnal activities, guaranteed to have your lady/man friend swooning in seconds.

This album has an 80s new wave vibe, with walls of minor chords sliced up by bright, jumpy melodies which build pace. Up Here For Dancing is a promising first effort from Anthonie Tonnon, I haven’t been able to stop listening to this album.

I wish him lots of luck, I can’t wait to hear more from him!



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