Apex Legends Crossplay: How to game with friends on other platforms

Apex Legends crossplay is a feature that can take your gaming to the next level. We have all the information you need to get playing with friends – no matter which consoles you want to play on.

Apex Legends crossplay is live. Yes, that is right. While not possible for over a year after launch, the feature is now fully operational. This means that gamers, friends if you will, can play together online on a plethora of different consoles.

Apex Legends crossplay is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch. In other words, pretty much all the platforms you can play the game. The main advantage of this feature is that you can play with friends that own different consoles. For example, that casual gamer friend that only owns a Switch? They can finally join your squad.

apex legends crossplay
Image: Apex Legends / Electronic Arts

However, that isn’t the only way Apex Legends crossplay improves the gaming experience of its player base. As titles drift further away from their launch, and previously devoted fans move on to fresher titles, finding an online match in a timely manner can become more difficult. By enabling players to decide if they want to play Apex Legends with crossplay, Respawn Entertainment has revitalised the matchmaking system.

That said, crossplay doesn’t come without its own drawbacks. It’s undoubtedly true certain consoles have an advantage in terms of handling and performance, making the competitive playing field less equal than it was before. Don’t worry though, you can always (well, almost always as we will explain later) disable the feature if you prioritise fair competition over communion.

So without further pause, let’s thrash out the details.

apex legends
Image: Apex Legends / Electronic Arts

Enabling (or disabling) Apex Legends crossplay

Crossplay should already be enabled in Apex Legends, as the developer has decided it’s beneficial to the game’s matchmaking algorithm in general. However, if you wish to check, it will be stated in the settings page that is accessible through the lobby (bottom right corner).

It should be noted that the developer discourages players from disabling Apex Legends crossplay because of the significantly longer wait times associated with trying to find a match. If you decide to do this you will only be matched with other players that have also disabled crossplay; meaning a much smaller pool of talent to compete against.

Add your friends to get things started

Now, if you are wanting play with a specific friend, or group of them, then you will first have to add them as an in-game friend. Go to the ‘Find Friends’ section, which can be found by clicking the ‘Friends’ tab in the lobby, and type in the in-game ID of your friend – you should see a list of all players with that name and what console they are playing on. Select the correct player from the list and you should be ready to go; just give them a quick wave, buddy-up and prepare for battle.

apex legends characters
Image: Apex Legends / Electronic Arts

Crossplay options are limited for solo players

Crossplay in Apex Legends is really only there for players wanting to game with their friends, and to reduce time between matches. Therefore, if you are a PC player looking to pad your stats with some easy victories over console noobs you are out of luck. The filters won’t help you be more selective.

If, on the other hand, you are a console player, then you are able to disable crossplay with PC players. While it isn’t exactly equal, it is an understandable decision from the developers, as the advantage of a mouse when aiming is substantial. Console players, however, are treated as their own block, and unable to filter themselves more specifically.

Cross-progression in Apex Legends

Quite simply, there isn’t any. You won’t be able to move your experience, skins and customised load-outs from one platform to another. This sucks if you just upgraded from playing on a Switch to a brand new PlayStation 5, but currently this is the way it is. I guess there are worse things than a clean slate, right?

The only exception to this rule is if you play on PC. If you play on Steam or Origin, and want to carry over your profile to the other, you are able to. On your first time launching Apex Legends, when prompted for your EA account, make sure to fill in your details correctly. If you don’t get this right on your first attempt you might not be able to correct it later.

Well that should cover all bases, and help you sort out your Apex Legends crossplay options. Happy gaming, with your friends, friend.