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Apogee brings the sound of mixing legend Bob Clearmountain to your DAW

Bob Clearmountain – aka the guy who invented the role of specialist mix engineer – has been responsible for some of the most awe-inspiring sounds of hit songs for decades (think Born in the USA or Just Dance). So it only makes sense that he has honed an effects processing chain that’s second-to-none.

Apogee has brought the different elements of this iconic mixer’s sound and signal flow into one suite of plugins: Clearmountain’s Domain. It encompasses gain control, EQ, delay and modulation, allowing you to mix the elements together to craft the ideal blend.Bob Clearmountain

Bob Clearmountain basically invented the role of specialist mix engineer, elevating the art to new heights. Apogee has brought his iconic signal chain together with Clearmountain’s Domain.

At the beginning of Clearmountain’s career, hardware was the only game in town. For Clearmountain to arrive at his signature sounds, he had to carefully labour over the combination of each element of his effects chain.

The beauty of Apogee’s suite of plugins is that it combines said elements with elegance, making it easy for the user to dial in their own sounds, or use presets that were curated by the man himself, all without leaving your DAW. Here’s how Apogee describe the chain of personalised processors:

This FX signal chain, developed over decades, involves an entire studio’s worth of hardware gear – live echo chambers, delays, harmonizers, de-essers, EQs and a large format SSL analog mixing console.”

And if you got this far and are still unfamiliar with this mixing luminary, hear the magic of Clearmountain’s Domain below:

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