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Apple reveals Logic Pro X 10.5: the biggest update for the DAW in years

Logic Pro has been Apple’s flagship DAW for decades, but in recent years, it has seen little development. That has all changed with the announcement of Logic Pro X 10.5, which represents a radical rethink of the DAW’s workflow.

Not long ago, an image surfaced online (and promptly vanished), which apparently showed Live Loops within the Logic interface, sparking rumours of a major update. Well, not all rumours are false; Live Loops is one of the central developments, along with several others that are geared toward a smooth workflow for electronic music production. Logic Pro X 10.5

The rumours were true: meet Logic Pro X 10.5. A massive update to Apple’s flagship DAW, which integrates Live Loops, intuitive sampling and more.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s VP of Apps Product Marketing said, “Logic Pro X 10.5 represents the biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X, with powerful new tools that will inspire every artist.”

And those tools do appear to be specifically geared toward the creative elements of electronic music production. For example, Live Loops allows musicians to create in non-linear ways and capture snippets of musical information for timeline integration.

Sampler is a redesign of the EXS-24 plugin, which enables producers to create and edit multi-sampled instruments. Plus, making beats has never been more sophisticated with the new Step Sequencer, Drum Synth and Drum Machine Designer.

This update is free for all existing users and retails for $199 USD for those interested in jumping in for the first time.

For all the details head over to Apple.