Check out this insane archive of every MAD Magazine cover ever published

Since launching in 1952, MAD Magazine had entertained readers the world over with their satirical looks at pop culture and politics.

Whether you’ve purchased a copy or not, you’ve undoubtedly come across a MAD Magazine cover at some point in your life. For my entire life, Alfred E. Neuman’s head has populated the stands of news agencies everywhere.

Do yourself a favour and check out this huge archive of all 553 MAD Magazine covers, published from 1952 to present day.

You can now browse through every single one of these magazine covers ever published at Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site.

The site was started by Gilford back in 1997 – a year that saw the mag tackle such topics as the X-Files, The Spice Girls, Seinfeld, and Tamagotchi’s.

After relocating their offices from New York to California, the magazine relaunched this year with a depiction of Trump on its cover.

Check out the huge archive for yourself here.