Art-P’s beaming new EP will make your worries disappear

Art-P is a Zimbabwean born, Newcastle based artist who produces a delightfully optimistic and catchy breed of pop. His latest EP Beyoutiful is stacked end-to-end with positive energy and considered nods to the artist’s hip hop and R&B influences.

If you’ve been having trouble smiling lately, this EP will fix you right up.


Lose yourself in the boundless positivity of Art-P, the Newcastle-based artist making some of Australia’s most feel-good pop.

Across Beyoutiful Art-P crosses the boundaries of classic pop, modern R&B and hip hop production elements. The result is cohesive and concise, a flex of the artist’s talent for straddling many styles and sounds.

Speaking on the EP, Art-P shared:

“I needed this EP to be an experience, for no song to sound the same or have the same message… I want this EP to be the corner stone to something special. I want people to feel everything I put in there.”

Why and title track Beyoutiful are both standouts, two songs which simply demand joy from the listener. Big choruses and singalong verses draw you in like a fishhook, while stunning instrumental lines push the heart of each track with intensity.

If you’re looking for a break from goth, lovesick or sad pop then this is the ticket. Art-P is making some of the most wholesome tunes in the world right now – you’d be a fool to turn your back.


Beyoutiful is out now.