Heaps Good Friends make the wholesome indie pop bangers you deserve

In a world awash with songs about millennial angst, discrimination in the music industry, and the fall of America, it’s refreshing to come across a band like Heaps Good Friends.

In case you haven’t heard, the Adelaide three-piece release indie pop concerned with yo-yos, sneakers, and online shopping… you know, the things that don’t stress us out. Plus their debut EP is called Hug Me.

Yeah, I can get around this.

heaps good friends hug me tour happy mag

You deserve music that makes you want to get up in the morning, and there’s nobody better to serve it up than Heaps Good Friends.

Heaps Good Friends dropped their debut EP Hug Me at the start of the month. Bathed as we are in the endless river of top-shelf Australian music, we only had the chance to pick it up recently given their national tour. Boy, did we miss out on a big old bop.

Start to finish, it’s a record made with a wholesome purpose – to get you feeling happy AF. Don’t be worried if you find yourself singing, dancing and hugging along the way… it’s all part of the intended effect.

The EP was precluded by three dynamite singles; Let’s Hug LongerOlympic Sneakers, and I Could Eat a Full Packet of Yo Yo’s – all of which enjoyed play in all the right places. It’s radio-friendly indie at its heart, the fact being that there are so damn many aspects of Heaps Good Friends you’ll want to latch onto.

Almost every track features synth work that’s nothing short of stunning. Arpeggiators feature heavily (hello there, 2 minutes 30 into Online Shopping Trolley), never failing to lock into the drums with robotic precision.

Even when Heaps Good Friends strut a slightly darker, almost anti-romantic path in Online Shopping Trolley or Cry Like a Psycho, you’ll find yourself swept up in the bouncy rhythms. Not to mention, with these two tracks in particular, breakdowns that will knock your socks off.

It’s a blinder of an EP, one I know I’ll be coming back to when I’m feeling down. Another hot tip if you want to keep the spirits up – catch Heaps Good Friends live on their Hug Me tour through April.

Hug Me is available now.


Hug Me Tour

Thursday 29 March – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane w/ Feels Club + The Gruvs
Wednesday 11 April – Beach Road Hotel, Bondi – supports TBA
Thursday 12 April – Rad Bar, Wollongong w/ Francos + Gosh
Friday 13 April – Small Ballroom, Newcastle w/ She’s My You + Milky Thred
Saturday 14 April – The Chippendale Hotel, Sydney w/ Froyo + Florian
Friday 20 April – Rocket Bar, Adelaide w/ LEO + Neon Tetra
Saturday 21 April – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth w/ Kopano + ABACAXUVA

Grab your tickets here.