Artist on Artist: Stormy-Lou and Aleksiah talk necessities & pre show rituals

Stormy-Lou celebrates new music with a captivating Q&A with Aleksiah, offering an exclusive glimpse into their indie rock world.

In the midst of celebrating their latest release and on the cusp of their second single launch show, Stormy-Lou, the indie rock sensation from Adelaide/Kaura, sat down for an electrifying band-on-artist Q&A with the enigmatic Aleksiah.

With their slow-burning track ‘Eggshells’ already captivating audiences, this talented foursome bared their souls in a heartfelt conversation, revealing the inspiration behind their music and the stories that shape their sound.

From nerve-wracking first live shows in different states to quirky pre-show rituals (hint: it involves milk), the interview showcased the candid and humorous side of Stormy-Lou. Meanwhile, Aleksiah’s dreamy vocals and emotive songwriting shone through as she explored her favourite tracks and influences.

As both artists gear up for an exciting season of performances, Happy Magazine brings you this exclusive insight into the world of Stormy-Lou, proving that their indie rock magic is poised to conquer hearts worldwide.

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Stormy-Lou interviews Aleksiah

Mik: How did you find playing your first ever live show with your band in another state? 

Aleksiah: It was quite terrifying! I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect from playing a gig, but in a way I was relieved because I didn’t know anybody in the audience, so I thought to myself “hey, at least if you mess up no one knows who the hell you are!” It ended up being such an amazing experience that I will never forget!

Mik: What are your pre-show rituals? Any tips and tricks you’d care to share?

Aleksiah:  I have this weird thing where I love to drink a glass of milk before a show. Milk is really bad for your throat normally, but I must be built differently because it helps me sing better!

Hilariously I’m also quite lactose intolerant so straight after my set I gotta run to the bathroom but it’s worth it for a good performance!

I also love to do sprints around the venue to get the nervous energy out, and the odd doom scroll on TikTok before the show always does the trick of calming me down!

Mik: What’s your favourite song you’ve written so far, and why?

Aleksiah: That’s a tricky one, it’s like choosing your favourite child. I think it’s a toss up between Fern and an unreleased song called 24. I love Fern because it started everything for me and its success made me believe that I can give music a real go, but I also love 24 because I think it’s my most honest song to date.

It’s about imposter syndrome and feeling like I’m not good enough, and I think a lot of people can relate to it. Can’t have one song without the other so I’m gonna say those 2!

Mik: Who are your top 5 influences when it comes to the music you make? 

Aleksiah: My biggest inspiration is probably Julia Jacklin, I’ve listened to her music ever since I was a teenager and her writing style influences my music so much, I think she is amazing.

Phoebe Bridgers, Joni Mitchell, Madison Cunningham and Lucy Dacus are also big inspirations, I love songwriters who really pay attention to what they are saying, and are purposeful with their words, they don’t need to say a stream of words to portray a feeling, they do it short and do it with impact. 

Mik: Has music always been a part of your life? When did you decide that this is what you wanted to do?

Aleksiah: I didn’t really grow up in a musical family, so I wasn’t surrounded by it growing up until I started singing in my nonna’s church choir when I was 6. From then on, I knew I wanted to be singing and creating music with people, I found it so enjoyable and cathartic. When I started getting interested in poetry at the age of 12, I combined the 2 and started to songwrite, and the rest is history!

Mik: If you were going on a solo 3 day trip, what would be necessities for you? 

Aleksiah: I am the most anal, overly-analytical person you will ever met so best believe I will come prepared. I would bring my 10 step skincare routine, I have been heavily obsessed with skincare for the last like 5 years, I can’t live without it.

I even have a mini set of my routine I bring when I travel for gigs. I would also bring a jar of Nutella, for sustenance and joy, a guitar and notepad so if I had time to write I could and probably my old-school Gameboy SP so I could play Pokemon hehe

Mik:Any dream artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future? 

Aleksiah: Definitely Julia Jacklin, even to co-write with her would be amazing, I’d love to pick her brain! I think I would love to collaborate with Taylor Swift, I’ve adored her since I was a child so that would be so cool!

Mik: What’s your favourite Paramore album and why heheh

Aleksiah: Another tough one, I would have to say Brand New Eyes, it’s simply banger after banger, Ignorance, The Only Exception, All I Wanted, Brick by Boring Brick, and most importantly Decode cos it was on the Twilight Soundtrack.

It is such a well throughout, emotional album and Haley’s vocals are astronomical on it. 

Mik: What’s next for Aleksiah? What can people expect for the rest of the year?

Aleksiah: I recently released my second single, Ant Song, which was really exciting! I was eager to release another song after Fern, so I’m glad it’s finally out for the world to hear! I’m also going on my own headline tour in August/September which I’m super keen for.

We’re doing shows in Melbourne on the 12th of August, Adelaide on the 24th of August and 2nd of September in Sydney, so come have a little boogie if you’re free! 

I’m also playing BigSound in Brisbane for the first time in September with some amazing Adelaide bands like Oscar the Wild, Twine, Coldwave and The Empty Threats, so that will be a lot of fun!


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Aleksiah interviews Stormy-Lou

Aleksiah: What is Eggshells about? How do you want your fans to feel when they listen to it?

Mik: I brought the idea of Eggshells to the band with a few little ideas which were inspired by situations felt all throughout my life. The others all gelled with it and collaboratively we were able to come up with the rest of the song, taking inspiration from our own individual experiences.

It didn’t have a name until we first played it and we soon realised the feeling of walking on eggshells was such a crucial aspect of the lyrics behind this song. As much as these situations and feelings have not been the most pleasant, I know they’re not unique to all of us.

I hope that listeners will find a safe place in Eggshells where they feel heard and seen, and are able to give some love back to their inner child. 

Aleksiah: What’s something you’d like your fans to know about Stormy Lou?

Mik: We are named after our lead guitarist Lachy’s dog Storm! He was a beautiful border collie who has sadly passed, but he and his nickname ‘Stormy loo’ live on in us!

Aleksiah: What’s the funniest/dumbest/stupidest thing that has happened to you guys at a gig?

Mik: There have been many occasions that I could list, but once when I was introducing our song Alone With U at a gig, I mentioned the fact that it’s a gay love song. Then, proceeded to ask “Anybody gay?” to the crowd?

The silence was deafening but it’s become a bit of an in-joke between us and our close friends since. My mum, who is our best groupie, actually filmed it and randomly sent it to me the other day just to remind me of it and how much it made her laugh! At least mum found it funny, right?????

Aleksiah: How long have you guys been a band for, how has the journey been for you? Any obstacles, struggles and things you’ve had to overcome as a collective?

Mik: We formed in 2021 with our original lineup, but Jaya our previous drummer moved on to focus on other projects early this year! We had a little break to figure some things out and plan the next few months, and soon enough our beautiful Hari was on board!

I don’t think anyone realises how much time goes into the behind the scenes work of being in a band until they’re actually in it. We’re very grateful for Alex who does most of that “behind the scenes” work but I think everyone does an amazing job at holding the team together even when our to-do lists are overflowing! 

Aleksiah: :What artists inspire you and your music?

Mik: We all have different inspirations when it comes to music, but ones that overlap are definitely artists like Sly Withers and Carla Geneve! Would be a dream to support them one day! For me personally I am deeply inspired by Stella Donnelly, Hayley Williams and of course Julia Jacklin! I actually got a tattoo of her album Crushing!

All such powerful women in all different ways, and I always feel inspired after listening to them!

Aleksiah: What is your songwriting process like and do you have any rituals around songwriting?

Mik: We all have different ways of writing, and no one experience is ever the same! For me though, I tend to get a lot of lyrical inspiration first. I’ll record something over and over till it’s right then figure out guitar for it then once I’m happy, I’ll bring it to the others and we’ll flesh it out! 

Aleksiah: Which BoyGenius member do you identify with? (I’m a Lucy)

Mik: This is a hard one, but I’m either Julien or Phoebe I reckon! Also this is so funny you’re Lucy cause you’re such a smol sweet baby and Lucy is a tall queen!! I’m intrigued hehehe. 

Aleksiah: What’s your favourite song of yours to perform live?

Mik: Definitely a toss up between Impulsivity and Friends of Mine! Both unreleased (for now) but they both hold such special places in my heart. Eggshells is also so much fun to play live, I love the electric feeling I get inside once we get to the big build up in the bridge. 

Listen to Stormy -Lou’s Eggshells: